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Nuclear Medicine: By Appointment Only

Nuclear Medicine Imaging is a specialty within the field of medical imaging. The patient is given a small amount of a radioactive isotope which is attached to a specialized pharmaceutical that allows a gamma camera to view the functioning of internal organs. Nuclear Medicine is one of the most widely used methods for detecting early signs of certain diseases.

Exercise Cardiolite Test: ( Link to Exercise description)

Persantine Cardiolite Test: (Link to Persantine description)
Dobutamine Cardiolite Test: (Link to Dobutamine description)
Muga test: (Link to Muga description)

Nuclear Medicine Preparation:

*If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or suspect pregnancy, please notify the technologist before your test.*

  1. No food 2 hours prior to the test, water or juice is permitted.
  2. Please do NOT consume any coffee, tea, de-caffeinated tea/coffee, caffeinated pop, or chocolate for 24 hours prior to test.
  3. Take medications as normal, unless instructed to do otherwise by your doctor.
  4. Do not take Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis for 72 hour prior to test.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for walking on the treadmill. Please wear a bra with no underwire in it.
  6. Bring all your medication, including puffers, with you..

Link to formal Instruction Sheet: (Cardiolite Test Instruction Sheet)